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List of top 30 NFT projects 2022

Are you looking for solid NFT projects available today?

Below are some of the best NFT projects that are worth checking. These are just examples to give you a better idea of a good project. There are thousands of NFTs available today and you should always do your own research before you start buying.

As technology continues to develop and public interest rapidly grows, many NFTs will explode in value and size. This information will help you to be on top of things.

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  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 25.8
  • Founders Yuga Labs
  • Collection Items 9,998
  • Holders 5,567

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is another collection of 10,000 unique character designs. This collection consists of creative ape characters with special features, including clothes, accessories, and unique facial expressions.

Each Bored Ape character purchase doubles as a Yacht Club membership card. Therefore, collectors of these one-of-a-kind characters have access to members-only benefits within the club, such as access to a collaborative graffiti board called THE BATHROOM.

Bored Ape Yacht Club is becoming increasingly popular as celebrities and other wealthy personalities collect their own Bored Ape characters.

  • Launch date 2017
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Founders Larva Labs
  • Collection Items 9,994
  • Holders 3,699

Launched in 2017 as a collection of 10,000 unique characters, CryptoPunks is one of the earliest examples of an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, CryptoPunks heavily influenced the ERC-721 standard.

The design of CryptoPunks’ collectible characters is inspired by the punk scene, the cyberpunk movement, and electronic music artists.

Collectors can purchase ownership of one of these popular characters. Many of them have appeared in the international press, including The Financial Times, The New York Times, The Paris Review, Mashable, and Bloomberg.

  • Launch date 2020
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 1.338
  • Founders RTFKT Studios
  • Collection Items 19,506
  • Holders 9,503

RTFKT and Takashi Murakami have teamed up for an NFT project called CLONE X. The project features two digital artworks including a series of 20,000 avatar collectibles dropped in November 2021.

Murakami, who is known for his rich history of collaboration in multimedia art, has helped design the eyes, mouths, helmets, clothes, and other features of the forthcoming generative avatars in his unique style. This collaboration may mark the first time that Murakami’s art was sold as an NFT.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 3.7998
  • Founders Kevin Rose
  • Collection Items 1,000
  • Holders 905

If you’re interested in investing in NFTs that’ll offer you a completely new and unique experience, PROOF Collective is your winner. Established as a podcast that offers in-depth NFT coverage to its listeners, PROOF is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn everything about crypto through entertaining podcasts.

PROOF Collective is hosted by Kevin Rose, a technology venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. He interviews numerous NFT artists on his podcast, both industry icons and up-and-coming stars. By purchasing a PROOF Collective NFT, you’re becoming a member of the private PROOF community made out of 1,000 NFT collectors and artists.

  • Launch date April, 2022
  • Floor price 1.259599
  • Founders Kevin Rose
  • Collection Items 10,000
  • Holders 6,256

A collection of 10,000 PFP NFTs with utility built-in. The collection includes Moonbirds that are pixel designed and have a variety of characteristics and rarities. Each Moonbird gives you access to a private club (Discord channel) with additional perks the longer you keep your NFT.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 1.228
  • Founders Burnt Toast
  • Collection Items 9,998
  • Holders 5,616

If you’re on the hunt for a community-driven NFT project, you’re in the right place. Doodles is a collectibles project that includes a collection of 10,000 individual NFTs. Incorporating joyful colors and character traits, Doodles immediately became famous after the collection’s launch.

Although it’s impossible to mint a Doodle character anymore, interested blockchain enthusiasts can check OpenSea for some secondary listings. Upon purchasing a Doodle NFT, the owner gains the ability to vote for activations and experiences financed by the Doodles Community Treasury.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.949999
  • Founders Larva Labs
  • Collection Items 19,998
  • Holders 6,563

Containing 20,000 unique 3D characters registered on the Ethereum blockchain, the Meebits NFT project is one of the largest ones developed so far. Meebits are diverse characters that have a pixelated, boxy appearance. These NFTs follow the ERC-721 ownership standard, making them compatible with any service or exchange.

Furthermore, Meebit owners receive the full 3D model of their character. They can use it to render, animate, or simply use it as an avatar in the metaverse. Browse the widest array of options and find your Meebit.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.4897
  • Founders Clon, Tom, Lynq, ELU
  • Collection Items 9,965
  • Holders 5,673

Are you looking for an NFT collection that’s filled with cool cat designs? Well, there’s no need to look further. The Cool Cats collection is a collection of various NFT designs.

Although each Cool Cat is unique, they all follow a similar idea – they are all blue cats with special accessories. Furthermore, Cool Cats can be divided into three categories – cool, classy, and wild. Depending on which style you like better, you can find a Cool Cat that perfectly fits you.

This collection contains 9,999 stylistically curated and randomly generated NFTs that only exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.439999
  • Founders Dom Hofmann
  • Collection Items 7,779
  • Holders 2,487

Loot is a unique collection of 8,000 bags packed with adventurer gear. Although each loot bag is different, they all contain eight items – a piece for an adventurer’s head, neck, chest, waist, foot, hand, ring, and weapon.

Loot is the first project of its kind because there’s no company, creative team, or developers to limit the creative decisions. Instead, the Loot collection is unfiltered, and collectors can use Loot however they wish. Whether you want to use items to build games, experiences, stories, or something completely different, the choice is yours!

  • Launch date November, 2017
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.0028
  • Founders Roham G.
  • Collection Items 2,022,947
  • Holders 120,561

Contrary to other cat-inspired NFTs, CryptoKitties are collectible cat creatures that you can also use in one of the world’s first blockchain games, named after its main characters. Since the game revolves around CryptoKitties, users can collect, sell, and breed digital cats.

When two CryptoKitties breed, the offspring’s attributes and appearance depend on each parent’s 256-bit genome along with an element of probability, creating 4 billion possible variations.

Each digital cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by its buyer. This means that no one can replicate, destroy, or take away someone’s CryptoKitty.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.872489
  • Founders Yam Karkai
  • Collection Items 10,000
  • Holders 5,519

The World of Women NFT collection is all about celebrating women. Featuring 10,000 unique artworks of powerful and diverse women, this collection focuses on inclusivity, representation, and equal opportunities for all.

World of Women is the first collection of its kind, which is why it has attracted so much attention globally. World of Women NFTs are harmonious, vivid, slightly playful, and incorporate an element of fantasy.

Along with creating colorful and recognizable NFTs that empower women, World of Women is home to a thriving community.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.2521
  • Founders Pixowl
  • Collection Items 164,777
  • Holders 24,212

As yet another community-driven platform, The Sandbox is the ultimate metaverse where NFT enthusiasts can monetize voxel assets and experience a completely different type of blockchain gaming.

Made up of 166,464 lands, The Sandbox is one of the biggest metaverse maps out there. Landowners can host events and contests and participate in all kinds of activities hosted by other community members. Players have an extremely significant role, as they can vote in the metaverse governance system, as well as monetize assets and experiences.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.57
  • Founders Gremplin
  • Collection Items 7,011
  • Holders 4,087

The CrypToadz collection follows a creative storyline. As the 6,969 small amphibious creatures named CrypToadz lose their freedom and fall under the tyrannical rule of the Evil King Gremplin, NFT collectors are encouraged to set free as many CrypToadz as possible.

By helping a toad escape, you receive your own CrypToad in the form of an NFT collectible. Once your CrypToad is free, you can keep, sell, trade, or use it in any way that you wish. Pick your favorite toad by exploring designs and appearances.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 1.73
  • Founders Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Collection Items 10,255
  • Holders 5,062

A diverse collection consisting of 300 access tokens, 555 gift goats, and 9,400 admission tokens, VeeFriends is one of the most colorful NFT token collections, and it contains something for everyone. In total, the VeeFriends collection has 10,255 tokens, and many of them are one-of-ones.

The VeeFriends NFT project was created by Gary Vaynerchuk, a famous Belarusian-American entrepreneur. The primary goal of the VeeFriends NFT project is to design meaningful intellectual property and grow an extraordinary community. All tokens come with a three-year admission to an annual super-conference called VeeCon.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 65
  • Founders Tyler Hobbs
  • Collection Items 999
  • Holders 485

Once again, the algorithms show that they can create art too. The Fidenza collection is one of the most versatile generative algorithms. Even though the designs aren’t very complex, the algorithms’ structures are flexible enough to produce a wide variety of results.

Using different shapes, colors, and stroke styles, the Fidenza collection gives a new outlook on digital art. The vibrant color patterns complete the unexpected block shapes. Furthermore, the stroke styles transform the effect of a Fidenza art piece and thus make each creation special to look at and possess.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.118849
  • Founders Suum Cuique Labs
  • Collection Items 16,328
  • Holders 5,264

For NFT collectors who find abstract art to be more up their alley, Hashmasks might be just the right fit. This collection brings abstract elements closer to the digital world with 6,384 digital portraits.

Hashmasks consist of mystical characters with ancient traits and memories. As the first travelers to Earth, the Hashmasks forgot most of their original characteristics, so the owners are encouraged to discover and unravel numerous hidden traits of their Hashmasks. 

If you’re ready to experience a digitized version of fine art and explore the meaning behind a unique character, you can join the growing community of Hashmask detectives.

  • Launch date December, 2021
  • Floor price 0.383299
  • Founders sartoshi.eth
  • Collection Items 10,019
  • Holders 5,742

Mfers is a one-of-a-kind NFT project that was created by sartoshi.eth as a way to experiment with new ideas and technologies in the NFT space. While the project doesn’t have official Twitter or Discord channel, the community around it tends to be strong and supportive.

The team behind Mfers is anonymous but they are known to be a group of early NFT adopters.

  • Launch date 2017
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.129
  • Founders Curio Cards
  • Collection Items 31
  • Holders 4,988

Older than CryptoPunks, Curio Cards are the original prototype of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The Curio Cards collection was launched in 2017 and featured 30 series of cards designed by seven different artists.

Curio Cards don’t have a specific theme for each design to follow. Instead, every card is completely different. Also, all cards possess a unique card number placed in the top left corner.

The main reason for Curio Cards’ high value is their age. Because they’re the oldest possible NFT found on the market, many young crypto enthusiasts have started collecting these cards because they’re the oldest tokens available.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.067899
  • Founders Danny Cole
  • Collection Items 9,999
  • Holders 5,891

The Creature World is a place where no standard rules apply. As a new dimension filled with love, divine intervention, and unlimited possibility, the Creature World collection is only for the bravest.

10,000 unique creatures constitute the sublime Creature World. They’re here to lead you to a place where magic is a foundation for everything else. So, if you’d like to take a step forward and explore this mystical place, all you have to do is purchase your own NFT creature and follow their lead.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 4.9
  • Founders myoo
  • Collection Items 1,000
  • Holders 457

There’s a good chance that you’ve already seen some of the CyberKongz NFTs cruising around the internet. These unique, creative, and vivid creations have become quite popular, and everyone’s obsessed with them.

According to the creators, CyberKongz NFTs are the product of an alternate reality where evolution took a different route. Some normal, some weird-looking, and some simply amazing apes roam the blockchain, and they’re here for you to discover.

Even though every CyberKong is unique, they can come with different rarities. A few of them are even animated, therefore super rare!

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.0289
  • Founders LOSTPOETS
  • Collection Items 28,140
  • Holders 7,869

Another NFT collection that’s inspired by fine art is LostPoets. Although it doesn’t focus on digitized versions of high-art paintings, it does bring more enigmatic forms of art closer to all NFT collectors.

The LostPoets project is a collection and a strategy game all in one. This collection includes 65,536 obtainable and 1,024 Origin NFTs. Because the project is divided into several stages, this is one of the most complex NFT projects ever created.

However, for NFT enthusiasts looking to participate in an unforgettable experience, LostPoets represents the perfect solution.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.071999
  • Founders Augminted Labs
  • Collection Items 9,999
  • Holders 3,399

Kaiju Kingz is an NFT project containing 3,333 creations envisioning pixel beasts protecting the metaverse. Kaiju Kingz are also tearing down cities near them and making way for new communities, especially the community of Kaiju Kingz.

The metaverse run by Kingz follows one simple rule – to support talented developers and creative artists looking to find their place in the NFT world. As the project is constantly growing, new NFT collectors can build, learn, and conquer together with their Kaiju Kingz.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.102089
  • Founders John Lemon
  • Collection Items 9,998
  • Holders 5,228

The Doge Pound is the first NFT collection created by Doge Pound Studios, so they’re also called OG Doge. This collection contains 10,000 unique Doge NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Doge is carefully designed and thoughtfully picked.

In addition to gaining complete ownership of an NFT and having early access to all new releases from Doge Pound Studios, investing in The Doge Pound collection also helps dogs in real life. Currently, the community is helping to build the largest rescue shelter for dogs in East Africa.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.169999
  • Founders Betty
  • Collection Items 10,000
  • Holders 6,535

If you want to have your own unique zombie-like creature and support creative individuals connecting art with technology, DeadFellaz NFTs are a perfect choice. The DeadFellaz collection consists of 10,000 undead creatures on the Ethereum blockchain, and anyone is welcome to join the horde by becoming a DeadFellaz NFT collector.

You don’t just own a picture when you invest in a DeadFellaz NFT. With their unique tokens comes art, culture, and community. Curious about the evolution of gamification, IP, and NFT tech? DeadFellaz NFTs are here to bring all of these features closer to you.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.078099
  • Founders Mason Crowe
  • Collection Items 10,000
  • Holders 6,056

If undead creatures aren’t your cup of tea, but you’d like to invest in an uncommon NFT creature design, then Alien Frens might be a better choice. As an NFT project that consists of 10,000 randomly generated aliens, Alien Frens is one of the best-performing NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain.

When you buy an Alien Frens NFT, you’re not just becoming a legitimate owner supporting cool artists because you’re also part of a growing community. In fact, the ultimate goal of Alien Frens is to build the biggest community in the metaverse, and they’re well on their way to accomplishing that goal.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Founders Wolf Game

As blockchain video games increase in popularity, more of them are hitting the market. One of them is Wolf Game, a play-to-earn game that uses NFTs and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and was inspired by yield farming.

Because this game is based on the risk-reward trade-off, players are also expected to take risks with deadly high stakes. You, too, can become one of the thousands of wolves and sheep competing on a farm in the metaverse by simply purchasing the NFT that you’ll use during the gameplay.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 4.831824
  • Founders Alex Becker
  • Collection Items 1,652
  • Holders 335

The NeoTokyo NFT collection was released in October 2021, and it contains four elements. NeoTokyo Citizens are one of the elements, and the purpose of this collection is to gather all of the top-tier people into one community.

If you’re an individual interested in crypto gaming, crypto space, or the metaverse, NeoTokyo Citizens might be the perfect addition to your NFT collection. NeoTokyo Citizens are a true work of art by themselves, featuring many high-tech, cyber-inspired, apocalyptical characters.

  • Launch date 2021
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.04
  • Founders iwwon
  • Collection Items 10,000
  • Holders 4,845

Going through a hard time is a part of life, and we all need something that will uplift our spirits. CryptoMories do just that. They’re 10,000 cute little skeletons here to remind everyone just how beautiful and great life can be.

If you’ve forgotten that kindness is an essential element of everyday life, CryptoMories are here to remind you. Now you can show your support by purchasing your own character from this extremely successful NFT project. Celebrate life with CryptoMories today!

  • Launch date 2018
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • Floor price 0.1646
  • Founders Ben Nolan
  • Collection Items 7,930
  • Holders 2,507

Cryptovoxels is a 3D world and metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone can invest in Cryptovoxels by purchasing land parcels, building stores, or opening art galleries, thus making it a richer, better place to spend time in.

Cryptovoxels land and asset owners can build, develop, or sell property in this rapidly-evolving virtual world. Ownership and trading history are permanently recorded on the blockchain. Participants have access to editing tools, avatars, and a text chat built into the metaverse.


NFTs are rapidly becoming the next big thing in relation to blockchain technology. Although many NFT projects have already experienced huge success, the golden age of NFTs is yet to come. More artists are expected to join the community and create unique NFT projects for interested people to participate in.

Even if you have already missed the original drops of some of the top projects mentioned above in this article, you can still invest in them now and become one of the collectors.